Excellence in Operations – Homo Faber: Do it Better

Mercandetti, F. (2023). Excellence in Operations. Homo Faber: Do it Better. mediata sa: Villars-sur-Glâne.

A successful business must continuously improve and innovate itself. Or in other words, it must always seek excellence. This book builds upon the foundations learned in the first book. It focuses on how to focus on providing value to customers and making the own processes more efficient and effective.  

In the current world it is not enough to be good. To survive in business, a company must continuously improve if not reinvent itself, in search of Excellence. Which is however a moving target: the improvement effort never ends. This book, designed for university students, new managers, and young entrepreneurs, shows how to lead the journey towards Excellence in a pragmatic way. From the focus on customers’ needs, because everything that a company does must be oriented to customers and to provide value to them. To seeing the waste in processes and learning which tools help to chase and reduce it. Realising finally, that re-engineering processes is possible in Operations as well as in other functions of an Industrial company, and even in Service companies.

Table of contents

 1 – Towards Excellence

  2 – Change          

  3 – Customer Value 

  4 – Reengineering in Six Steps       

  5 – Tools to « See » Waste and Value

  6 – Tools for a Better Organisation  

  7 – Tools for a Better Flow          

  8 – Implementation: Simply Do It        

  9 – Production Cases

10 – Non-Production Cases

About the Author

Fabio Mercandetti holds a MSc with honours in Chemical Engineering from Politecnico di Torino, Italy. He worked for 27 years for industrial multinationals as consultant and executive, up to the executive board of a quoted Swiss multinational.
He led Operations and Corporate Development, with a passion for managing and improving business processes and companies. Since 2011 he is passing his experience of real businesses to younger generations, designing and teaching Business Engineering courses at the University of Applied Arts and Sciences of Luzern, Switzerland.

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