Operations Management. Homo Faber at Work

Mercandetti, F. (2022). Operations Management. Homo Faber at Work. mediata sa: Villars-sur-Glâne.

The Homo Faber creates products and tools, that make new tools and new products. As craftsman of his own destiny, he contributes to the development of mankind. This book, designed for university students, new managers, and young entrepreneurs, shows the Homo Faber at work: in Logistics, Purchasing, Production, Quality and in the Supply Chain. This knowledge is important for all employees of an industrial company, to understand how value is generated, and for those providing services to industrial companies because they most often support their customers’ Operations.

Table of contents

1 – Introduction to Operations
2 – Business Models
3 – Quality
4 – Logistics
5 – Purchasing
6 – Production
7 – Cost accounting
8 – Safety & Environment
9 – Managing Operations
10 – Fourth Revolution Trends

About the Author

Fabio Mercandetti holds a MSc with honours in Chemical Engineering from Politecnico di Torino, Italy. He worked for 27 years for industrial multinationals as consultant and executive, up to the executive board of a quoted Swiss multinational.
He led Operations and Corporate Development, with a passion for managing and improving business processes and companies. Since 2011 he is passing his experience of real businesses to younger generations, designing and teaching Business Engineering courses at the University of Applied Arts and Sciences of Luzern, Switzerland.

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